Girl Crush | Lizzy Caplan

I love me some Lizzie Caplan. Since first laying eyes on her as the hilariously disaffected Janis Ian of Mean Girls fame, I had an instant girl crush on her. I've liked her in pretty much everything else she's done sine then, too. Yes, I include Cloverfield in that statement. After she dies the movies rubbish, but dammit if she even looks fabulous when she's infected with exploding alien venom. 

But now she's gone and done this and I don't think I can keep my weird obsession to myself any more. A fun little frolic of a fashion flick directed by Matthew Frost (of The Vice family) for Viva Vena. In addition to being pretty to look at, with Miz Caplan dressed in all the sweet goodness that is Vena Cava's baby brand, it's also effing hilarious. A parody of the typical Twee-Pixie-Dream-Girl features in a "Fashion Art Film" with Caplan dancing about with a be-ribboned tambourine and making out with window panes while pondering the deeper meanings of life. 

So, come on, girl. Hit me up. We would be amazing BFF's. I'm funny too! And I like collage! And we wouldn't be competing...at all.


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