pale dawn

I’m putting on my game-face (or at least some make-up) and going on the hunt for a new job. While the whole unemployed thing has been real, it’s starting to drag on me. I’m one of those people who needs something to do or I start to go slightly wonky in the brain. So, this [...]


Film School | On The Road | Walter Salles

I want to see this. In spite of the mixed reviews. In spite of Kristen Stewart. This was one of my favorite books growing up, and to this day I feel a sort of kinship to Mr. Kerouac. 

Film School | Mood Indigo | Michel Gondry

I have no idea what is going on here or what's being said, but this looks amazing.

Apparently, it's a film adaptation of Froth on the Daydream, a 1947 novel by Boris Vian (who I've never heard of) and starring Audrey Tautou and Romain Duress. Needless to say, I will be seeing this.


Mixtape Monday | 2.11.13


The Generalists | When They Fight, They Fight

Carletta Sue Kay | Cruel Cruel Man

Here Comes the Here Comes | I'll Be Your Mirror

Rilo Kiley | Wires and Waves

Okkervil River | Unless It Kicks

Jens Lekman | The Opposite of Halleluja

The Tallest Man On Earth | The Dreamer

Paper Kites | Featherstone

Wolfgang | The King and All of His Men

The Vaccines | Wetsuit


Brain Clutter | 2.10.13

  • Learning that you are enough.
  • A very sweet love story from Rookie Mag.
  • Loved this article by Nadia Babar of IFB on how fashion bloggers are democratizing luxury.
  • OMG, you guys!! Rilo Kiley is releasing a rarities compilation called Rkives. I want it!
  • Ooohhh, lets get some fashionable ladies together and go in on renting THE Grey Gardens for the summer. We can wander about dreamily in too many layers and take up a collection of stray cats. it'll be fab.
  • The Awl has an awesome dating column called "My Super Power is Being Alone Forever" which is both hilarious and relatable. 
  • This exhibit at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum looks incredible. Never Built: Los Angeles explores the immortal "What if..." of a Los Angeles built by different hands and minds. 
  • The strange art of Electroforming. Pretty cool.
  • Help Grace Bonney compile a compendium of badass ladies and contribute to her List of Female Entrepreneurs.
  • This is both confusing and horrifying and a weird but resonant argument for why you shouldn't buy fur (unless it's vintage).
  • Apparently, a Magic Mike musical is in the works. It will include lap dances. If it also includes Channing Tatum I am buying my ticket tonight.
  • Whoa, Will Farrell has some serious taste.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. What's been rolling around your brain all week?


The Immortality of Flowers

Spent another afternoon running around with the fab Gillian Lee of TrixieLand Photography and her lovely friend Tracy. We hit up a very cool spot in San Francisco's Bayview/Hunters Point area, which is typically a vet industrial part of the city. Yet somehow, amidst low-slung grey buildings and streets busy with delivery trucks and construction companies, there exists an extraordinary oasis that one could spend a lifetime in this city and never know about.
Flora Grubb Gardens is a beautiful, full service garden store and florist that also houses a Ritual Coffee outpost. They have beautifully landscaped grounds and some amazing furniture for your garden on offer. They also offer custom landscaping services, a florist for weddings and occasions, and a selection of beautiful gardening tools and accessories. The gardens are expansive, and full of beautiful and odd things to look at, like this decaying car, overgrown with plants and being reclaimed by the wilderness in a sunlight-dappled back corner.

Once again, Gillian styled us both up in a couple of outfits from her own closet and set us loose on the unsuspecting patrons of Flora Grubb. These shorts were by far my favorite item from the shoot. High-wasted, floral-print hot pants? Yes please! Gillian is so crafty, apparently she made these. I'm putting in an order for my own pair.

making the sexy eyes at the cute boy at the register

More to come from this fun shoot...stay tuned or check the full set out at TrixieLand Photography! In the meantime, if your in the Bay Area, swing by Flora Grubb for a coffee and some garden wandering. Pick up a cute terrarium inside and fill it with a dainty air-plant garden to take home with you. And tell the cute guy with the gauges at the counter that I say "heeeeyyyyy."
Flora Grubb Gardens
Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 5:00 • Sunday 10:00 - 5:00
1634 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA • 415.626.7256


Girl Crush | Lizzy Caplan

I love me some Lizzie Caplan. Since first laying eyes on her as the hilariously disaffected Janis Ian of Mean Girls fame, I had an instant girl crush on her. I've liked her in pretty much everything else she's done sine then, too. Yes, I include Cloverfield in that statement. After she dies the movies rubbish, but dammit if she even looks fabulous when she's infected with exploding alien venom. 

But now she's gone and done this and I don't think I can keep my weird obsession to myself any more. A fun little frolic of a fashion flick directed by Matthew Frost (of The Vice family) for Viva Vena. In addition to being pretty to look at, with Miz Caplan dressed in all the sweet goodness that is Vena Cava's baby brand, it's also effing hilarious. A parody of the typical Twee-Pixie-Dream-Girl features in a "Fashion Art Film" with Caplan dancing about with a be-ribboned tambourine and making out with window panes while pondering the deeper meanings of life. 

So, come on, girl. Hit me up. We would be amazing BFF's. I'm funny too! And I like collage! And we wouldn't be competing...at all.