Brain Clutter | 2.10.13

  • Learning that you are enough.
  • A very sweet love story from Rookie Mag.
  • Loved this article by Nadia Babar of IFB on how fashion bloggers are democratizing luxury.
  • OMG, you guys!! Rilo Kiley is releasing a rarities compilation called Rkives. I want it!
  • Ooohhh, lets get some fashionable ladies together and go in on renting THE Grey Gardens for the summer. We can wander about dreamily in too many layers and take up a collection of stray cats. it'll be fab.
  • The Awl has an awesome dating column called "My Super Power is Being Alone Forever" which is both hilarious and relatable. 
  • This exhibit at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum looks incredible. Never Built: Los Angeles explores the immortal "What if..." of a Los Angeles built by different hands and minds. 
  • The strange art of Electroforming. Pretty cool.
  • Help Grace Bonney compile a compendium of badass ladies and contribute to her List of Female Entrepreneurs.
  • This is both confusing and horrifying and a weird but resonant argument for why you shouldn't buy fur (unless it's vintage).
  • Apparently, a Magic Mike musical is in the works. It will include lap dances. If it also includes Channing Tatum I am buying my ticket tonight.
  • Whoa, Will Farrell has some serious taste.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. What's been rolling around your brain all week?


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