Hi there, and welcome to GYPSI, the personal life, culture and style blog of Lola Wrenn. 

I'm Lola, the brains behind this blog. Born and bred in beautiful Northern California, I go about my days in the fantastical city of San Francisco as a Design student with minors in fashion, photography and graphic communications. I reside in a 110 year-old building with three other lovely and bizarre ladies, in the cities' historically psychedelic Haight District. I harbor peculiar predilections (including an affinity for alliteration, apparently) for the strange and the shabby, oddities and the occult. I am fond of vintage anything, button up shirts, random pop culture references, the way you feel after turning the last page of a good book, gin gimlets, sushi, people watching from my window, and dressing like an early 90's elementary school librarian.

This blog will probably, at one point or another, delve into all sorts of stuff I'm into. Like art, music, photography, fashion, politics, social issues, new media, feminism, technology, science, pop culture, movies, cooking, food in general cuz I love the stuff, the occasional rant, fan-girling, books, puppies, kitties, shit I can't afford and why I find this unfair, my totally relevant opinion on fashion trends, insight into my scintillating personal life, and magic. Ok...not magic. But lots of other cool stuff. 

I hope you enjoy your stay. I tend to get a bit mouthy when I drink, so if I offend you, I'm sorry. I can be a right bitch sometimes.


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