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So, because the Universe, in all her wisdom, loves to mock me; the Free People February 2013 Look Book arrived on my doorstep the other day. And yes, I may have spent an inordinate amount of time fawning over all the lovely, bohemian temptations that little pamphlet had to torture me with. But I made enough time in my busy, busy day to track down this lovely video that was produced in conjunction with said look book.

This short film follows the whirlwind romance of two star-crossed lovers, whose chance encounter on a Brooklyn street corner leads to a night of bohemienne escapades throughout the cities Burroughs, romantical adventures, and many, many outfit changes. Starring well known attractive people, Christopher Abbott of HBO's 'Girls' and model/actress Sheila Marquez. It's set to Lord Huron's "The Ghost on the Shore," and everything about it makes me want to shack up with the next scruffily handsome musician I meet.

Which actually isn't all that unusual of a desire for me

Now, I can't afford anything in Free People's collection, but I love using their look books as inspiration for my thrifting hit list. Everything they make is all so timelessly boho, that their looks are easy to reproduce in a thrift store if you keep your eyes peeled for the right pieces. As always, Free People's pallet of ethereal lace, tattered and worn denim, and warm, neutral colors are all totally thrift-able. It wasn't that long ago that our parents were rocking the Navajo print gear, too. Goodwill remembers even if we fickle fashionistas don't. So save your cash and raid yo mom as closet or the nearest consignment shop. Trust me, there's gold in them thar hills.


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