Treasure Island Music Festival

As I mentioned on Monday, my super sweet guy got us tickets to Treasure Island Music Festival on Sunday, October 14th. We caught the bus in San Francisco across the bridge to Treasure Island, and the fun began!

The Bold Italic is one of my favorite publications, in addition to featuring great content about SF and the various people, places, and things to eat, do and see, they feature great art and design and have awesome articles. Their booth was chock full of cool stuff to lust after. Their Washi Tape selection had me drooling.

After some initial wandering and poking around in all the neat booths and pop-up shops we had to take a spin on the ferris wheel, because, well, ferris wheels are awesome. And Mario had never been on one. I know! What? I couldn't allow this injustice to continue so we bought tickets to a non-plussed guy at the ticket counter and climbed aboard. Mario seemed only slightly terrified and the view from the top was so cool, the city spread out across the glittering bay and the crowds of people milling below us, all set to the music of the first band of the day. We geeked out and snapped a bunch of pics of us being cute.

This was my first real festival, and I was totally digging the vibe. The people were eclectic and stylish and everyone seemed so happy to be out in the beautiful weather, enjoying some amazing music. This was definitely my kind of scene.

Some of my favorite acts included Best Coast, whose Cali-Surf Rock vibe was perfect for the setting. Miss Johanna Newsome totally blew my mind with her awesome weirdness and insane harp-skills. She played a few songs from her new album, which is now on my 'To Buy' list. Hospitality, The War on Drugs and Wild Belle all made impressions too. Ty Segall put on another amazing set, his energy is so intense, you can't help but get sucked into the music and next thing you know, your thrashing around in the pit with the rest of the mob. M83 was actually great, which was cool because I didn't really know what to expect from an electronic group, but they put on an amazing show and got everybody dancing.

My favorite of the whole night was easily Gossip. Beth Ditto is my idol (one of them, anyways) and in addition to knocking me on my ass with her amazing voice, the girls got stage presence. She chatted and joked with the crowd in between songs and her personality was so infectious. Completely cemented my girl-crush on her. I was too busy dancing to snap any picture of their set, but you should know it was amazing. I had everyone in our vicinity dancing with me and, as we left, an older security guard woman nodded at Mario and I and said "Damn, that girl can dance!" Haha, I have been known to cut a rug.

This lovely lady is actually an installiation that was at Burning Man a few years ago and now dances eternally on the shores of Treasure Island. "Bliss Dance" is the product of locally based sculptor Marco Cochrane, who might be offering an iPad app for download soon that can control the 1,000+ LED lights that illuminate her from within. Yay for technology and art making things way cooler and more interactive for the public.

So, as far as first festivals go, I'd say mine was pretty epic. Next year I hope to get tickets to both days to really experience the full, multi-day festival effect. You all should tell me about your favorite festivals to attend, too. I'm already making plans to make this a regular part of my life.


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