Autumnal Longings

  1. Brown Sleeveless Wear to Work Dress with Black Color Blocking-$75.00
  2. Moon phase earrings--crescent & full $34.00
  3. Modern Tribal Hand Painted Bird Necklace $24.00
  4. Leather Lace-up Oxfords $150.00
  1. Oversized Cowl Hand Knit in Mustard Wool Blend $90.00
  2. Handcrafted Walnut Faced Heart Sunglasses $75.00
  3. Twig Hair Pins in Golden Bronze $20.50
  4. Vintage Leather His or Hers Sling Backpack $226.00
Ah, Autumn...how you make me crave all things warm and snuggely. From delicate moon earrings in rich gold to the lush caramel hues of leather goods. I am obsessed with autumnal color schemes and all the materials associated with this lovely season. Wood grain, chunky knits, worn in leather, gold and copper and bronze, oh my! As a born and bred mountain girl, fall was always my favorite season. From the rich golds and ambers and ochres of the trees to the smell of leaves burning, I'll always have a place in my heart for crisp mornings and that peculiar sense of possibility in the air that comes with every turning leaf. Now, if only I had a cup of cocoa.


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