praying for thunder


The first photo and this last one were taken about an hour after my outfit pics were taken...the sky was doing some amazing stuff with the storm thats been rolling in all day. The weathers put me in an odd mood; restless, slightly melancholy...I always get like this when the weather starts to get cooler. 

I'm praying for thunder. I'm praying for rain.



  1. Goose bumps season indeed! It was warmer down here than up there and this outfit worked out fine for the whole day till about sunset time and that wind was just a tad too chilly!! Oh It looks like it was GORGEOUS at the lake! This outfit seems on the cusp of too cool as well! Its like we have two seasons Cold and Hot and the transitions are barely considered transitions since the mornings and evenings can be freaking freeeeeezing and the days can be so very pleasant. ah well. thats september for us! at least here in the valley it is a BIT more mild than up there. I'll be thinking about you when that snow starts to fall!