movin' on up

The process of moving is never an easy one. Even though I don't have much to move, I find myself feeling overwhelmed by it all. Mainly, I think I'm a little sad to leave this room. I've only been in this house for about 6 months, but I've really enjoyed my time here.

I guess I should explain my current living situation a little better. I'm currently residing in a house with five other people. It's a big house, huge, actually, by most kids our ages standards. It's just a huge house, so the fact that there are six of us all together isn't that bad because theres really enough room for everyone. I've taken to calling the house the Julie St. Mansion because it's just so massive and it's generally the location for most of the parties, BBQ's and events we have in our circle of friends. The current residents include myself, living in the massive attic above the living room, Sam, whose got the master bedroom, Sonia and Derek, sharing the back room behind the kitchen, and Lea in the room next to Sams. Our friend Pat is also currently crashing on our couch while he waits to move down to live with his mom while he recovers from his upcoming knee surgery. So yeah, thats six. we've all had our moments, our temper tantrums and irritations with each other, but for the most part we're all still friends and get along pretty well.

While I'm not going to miss the lines for the bathroom, the cluttered and dirty kitchen, or the fact that I'm never really alone, I will miss the communal sort of living situation we have going on. Lazy days spent watching movies and bad reality television, the impromptu jam sessions, the "family" dinners, that theres always someone dropping by and something going on. I'm sure we'll do all these things at my new casa, but it's just going to be me and Ashley for the most part. A much mellower and quieter atmosphere is what we're both looking for, but I hope we still have people swinging by randomly to just hang out and chat for a while. I'm going to miss coming home to a houseful of people arguing good naturedly over scrabble or monopoly. I'm going to miss being at the center of the little world my friends and I inhabit, but it's also time for me to take a step back from it all for a little while. I need to focus on school and work this winter, and spend more time alone, working on the projects and hobbies I have been putting off. I am excited for this new chapter in my life, if also a little bit sad to be turning the page on the old one. I'm sure I'll still be over here frequently, and I don't think of this really as an ending, so much as a segue into a quieter, more responsible portion of my life.


  1. I get you about moving - I had to move 3 years ago and it was quite scary... I was moving to a country whose language I don't speak and I was 13, so I was quite scared of it all :) But now I'm glad :)
    I'd be glad if you found the time to visit my blog - if you like it (and I hope you will), feel free to comment and follow of course (Who would have thought, huh? :)))