like noises in the night, she is often not what she seems

a few more from my shoot with the talented Gillian. I love these shots so much, the contrast of the vines against the structured lines of the shirt and the craziness of the brocade pants is awesome. I came out of this with a great deal of foliage in my hair, but so worth it.

{denim jacket | wasteland} {brocade jeans/bodice/jewelry | Gillian's}

After the shoot I went and met up with one of my best friends from high school, who was in town for the weekend from Santa Barbra. My roommate's BFF was in town too, so we all decided to go out and get a little crazy over the weekend...and then this happened.

To summarize: love fests, giggle fits, tribal dancing, dashing bald men, hitch hiking, private cars, crowded clubs, chain smoking, extreme car-dancing, too much Mexican food, shopping sprees and fits of wild abandon.
All in all, a grand weekend.


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