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So this should be my new weekley (...?) post on the internet knick-knackery that is catching my eye lately. I am a bit of a horder, so I'm hoping this new method of collecting will prevent me from purchasing any more tiny bronze animal figurines or vintage pencil skirts...but I doubt it.

Shall we begin?


Good Books: Metamorphosis

this gonzo-esque, acid trip down psychedelia lane is the byproduct of a collaboration with Buck--a design-driven production company with offices in New York and Los Angeles--and Good Books, an online bookseller that passes all of it's profit on to Oxfam. Gotta appreciate great great campaigns for good causes, no?

Enjoy, and then go read a book...or buy one.

Also featuring the audio stylings of Antfood.


The Works of Nicola Odemann

I originally chanced upon Miss Odemann's work on over on Miss Moss and felt my heart instantly yearning for great open spaces and limitless horizons. Born in 1992, it seems as though Nicola has seen most of the world already, and her work features some of the most heart-stopping landscapes I've ever seen. Her shots seem candid and casual, which I suppose is part of their appeal for me. I love that they seem so unstructured, much like the wilderness they capture.

I dare you to go to her portfolio and not get lost.

  • So, whenever your cursing the sick bastard that invented the cruel torture device that is high heels...at least you know who to blame.
  • Sage advice on how to cohabitate with a loved one (or anyone really) from The Bold Italic.
  • This piece on being the one who loves more in a relationship definantly struck a cord. Via Thought Catalog.
  • The Sketchbook Project is really beautiful. Via LaughingSquid
  • The Internet as a vehicle for spirituality, identity formation, socialization and empowerment. The ladies over at RookieMag are onto something.
  • This is both kind of awesome and kind of hilarious. Via Jezebel.
  • Shit. This is not good news. Via NyMag.
  • I'm not a football fan, but I live in SF so ill probably need this. Via The Bold Italic

And OMG guys. There exhists in the world today a musical thats been composed out of that handbook for every 90s girl fantasy life. Teen Witch. I wasn't in LA to catch the Groundlings performance, but I'm sure it was awesome. In case you doubt me, exhibit A:


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