trampled rose

Oh, Tom Waits, how do you manage to so succinctly describe my feelings of late with that sweet, whiskey-and-cigarettes rasp of yours? I want to listen to this song over and over at exceedingly high volumes while smoking cigarettes out my window and writing terrible, angst-ridden poetry in my journal.
Instead, I'm putting on my game-face (or at least some make-up) and going on the hunt for a new job. While the whole unemployed thing has been real, it's starting to drag on me. I'm one of those people who needs something to do or I start to go slightly wonky in the brain. So, this is my "I am thoroughly employable" outfit. This skirt is probably one of my favorite possessions, and I'm sure whoever owned it in its previous life--before it found me at the thrift store-- was equally as enamored with it. I'm hoping it's school-marm awesomeness will bring me excellent job-hunt-juju.

So, today marks the end of my little post-break up/unemployment/wallowing-in-self-loathing sabbatical I've been on. Gone are the hours spent watching marathon American Horror Story episodes and endless motivational TED talks...tho, I'm still completely hooked on both of these things...but moderation is key, my dears.

I'm now officially registered for school (egads! Shocking, I know), and there is a fresh stack of resumes on my desk along with a month-long trial membership to the yoga place down the street as a reminder to not be such a lazy bum and go use this wonderful, youthful body of mine for something besides ingesting carbohydrates and ice cream.

Oh! And there's this little blog thing I have going here. Part of this per-new years resolution is making this here blog an actual thing, rather than just a sad little corner of the Internet where my mediocre photography goes to languish in obscurity. I want to make this a visual catalog of my life and times as I forage my way through this very strange period known as my twenties. So, be warned, this might get weird.

skirt :: thrifted :: the Attic :: SLT, CA
shirt :: thrifted :: the Attic :: SLT, CA
belt :: hijacked from momma :: the 80s
boots :: hijacked from Kelsey :: Steve Madden
denim jacket :: thrifted :: Wasteland
all jewelry :: hijacked from Kelsey :: White Buffalo :: Truckee, CA

Hope the world is well and that the sun keeps shining today. Keep your chins up, dearies.





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