I am currently sporting the ugliest, most ill-fitting pair of cargo pants ever and a purple, paint smudged Sierra Nevada Brewery t-shirt because I've been trying to take advantage of the warm weather that has finally returned (thank GOD!) and finish a dresser I've been trying to paint/refinish. It's a curbside rescue that was originally this horrible hot pink/salmon-ey color, but I loved the style of it and the number of drawers (nine of 'em). So I got my brother to bring his pickup around and we rescued the little (ok, ginormous) darling and brought her to my house for a little TLC.

To say that this project has been a little consuming is an understatement. I'm not exactly sure what the total cost has been, but it wasn't cheap, and combined with the man hours, it's been about a week long project. But I love the way it's coming along.

So that's why I havn't been doing the outfit post thing. Every morning I wake up around 6:30, throw on my grungies and get to painting...and sanding...and stripping...and staining. I spend most of the day hunched over the dresser and then I shower and head to work, so theres really been no time to look pretty for the blog. But my new improved dresser is starting to look pretty on her own. I'm sure she'll get her own little post, all dressed up in her new outfit. She's gonna look gorgeous.

An idea of the color I was dealing with....

I'm bummed I didn't take before pictures. I only got a couple of the drawers as I was stripping them, but trust me, it was aweful. This color, solid, over everything. Eew. And under that was the faux woodgrain vinyl stuff, in a really bad dark brown. So far I've stripped two coats of paint and all that vinyl off, only to discover that most of the dresser (all the drawers and the top) was particle board! Bummer. But the sides and trim are all a nice blond wood, so I'm in the process of stripping all that down and staining it, then painting the rest this beautiful blue-teal color. It's gonna be rad, just you wait.

lovelove and paint stains,


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