autumn leaves beneath frozen soles

Twice in one week! Two outfit posts in one week! Go me!

I'm really happy with the way these photos turned out. I drove up to the area around Fallen Leaf Lake, which is--much like the rest of Tahoe--beautiful. The sun was just going down and I waded through all that prickly grass and into this meadow behind a stand of aspen trees to get these shots. Note: this is not a good idea in tights...or ballet flats. I had so many stickers stuck to my legs by the time I left, but it was worth it. The light was gorgeous and it was so peaceful out there. Not a soul around for miles.

Ashley and I have an interview with a potential landlord tomorrow. I've spoken to her several times on the phone and she seems to like me. The house is so adorable, definatly a throwback to the 70's, but in all the best ways (green shag carpeting in my room!!). It's pretty big and only a couple blocks from the beach and some really great restaurants and it's totally affordable. So, hopefully, after Friday afternoon, Ashley and I will have a new house to move into. Keep your fingers crossed!

{blouse::thrifted}{leather skirt::thrifted}{grey tights::claires}{shoes::fergie::famous footwear}

Happy September, by the way! I know I was complaining about it just yesterday, but I love the fall. First, all my favorite holidays are in the fall: my birthday (the 26th of this month!!), Halloween, and Thanksgiving! Plus, fall is really beautiful in Tahoe. I love the changing leaves on the aspens, the delicate patterns the morning frosts make on my windows, the anticipation of school starting...it's all so electric with change. We're still supposed to have a few more weeks of warm, summery weather, but September is officially autumn to me.

Heres a lovely song about the fall by the marvelously shmexy Paolo Nutini. Can I have him for my birthday??


  1. Beautiful Pictures! I absolutely love the scenery! totally worth the trip your right! I also think your top and skirt are adorable!
    wish you the best of luck with the apartment!


  2. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the heck did I not know about you??!! South Lake Tahoe!! Seriously ! WHOA!! I am sure you have figured out where I am located but lets not name city names or anything! I am thinking this is a super rare find! I thought I was alone up here (well I am not in tahoe but Northern nevada and I know you are probably not technically considered No NV but perhaps CA, you are still in my general vicinity and that is just plain out amazing to me! Do you know if there are more of us around? I am really excited to check your blog out! You ever want to meet sometime? Sorry if I sound really spastic right now I just feel a little small world ish since you saw that dress at the goodwill and now I have it and know another blogger I can actually potentially see more than one a year in REAL LIFE. AND we can chat about thrifting and stuff and other nonsense! Wow! So email me if I have not totally freaked you out with my enthusiasm. Or if you even want to. Maybe you don't even like me and I am being totally presumptuous that we would even get along, or maybe you just found me too and think I may just be a freaking weirdo all of the sudden. I don't know! secondskin19 (at) gmail (dot) com , I guess it remains to be seen. :) any hoo, hello!