rose tinted glasses

So much has gone on in the last two weeks, I've hardly touched my computer, let alone my camera so theres my sad little excuse for no outfit photos. I've had such an awesome/hectic/crazy last couple of weeks that I don't even really know where to begin.

I suppose I can start with last week. My really good friends Chanelle and her boyfriend Trevor came home from Hawaii, where she attends school/lives. They were in town for almost a whole week and it was just general insanity while she was here. Lots of parties and beach time were squeezed in between my two jobs and other obligations. It was so good to see her and Trevor, it's been almost 8 months since the last time they were up and it's gonna be almost another year before they come home again =(. I've known Chanelle since high school, we had dance and drama together our freshman year and by our senior year we were cutting chorus to go drink too many frappaccinos and shop. She's the first person I ever drank with and when we both moved out of our parents house for the first time we managed to find an empty duplex and became neighbors. I miss having her around all the time, being able to wander over to her house in the morning for breakfast or for movie and pizza nights. Her boyfriend, Trevor, and her have been together for nearly five years and their the funniest/cutest couple in the world. I miss them both something fierce.

On top of Chanelle being here I was still working at the coffee shop during the day and the pub at night, meaning I'd work all day and come home to a house full of reveling drunk people every night. It was fun and definitely amazing to get to spend so much time with her, but by the end of it all I was so worn out. I've been trying to take it easy for the last week or so to recuperate from all that insanity.

Unfortunately/fortunately my time at the coffee shop has ended. It's good because now I'm able to really start working at my moms gallery and I'm not working such insane hours (7am to 10pm when both the pub and the coffee shop needed me) so my sleep pattern is recovering. Its sad because the honest truth is that I loved that job. I had the most amazing collection of coworkers and customers and I spent the majority of my shifts their laughing and joking around with my coworkers. I still go in as much as I can, both to visit and get my fix of coffee seeing as I'm now addicted to the stuff. Currently sipping on a big steaming (ok, it's kinda lukewarm now) cup of the house blend. Yuummmm.

how cute is this mug?? thrift stoooorrreeee! (excuse the lack of makeup, I'm still getting going)

Other exciting news: Ashley and I found a house!! Yayyyy! No more attic dwelling for me! I'm so excited about the place we found, it's only four blocks from the beach (!!!), two bedrooms, one bath, nice big living room, a mud room, HUGE upstairs room, cute little kitchen, lots of closet and storage space, a nice little fenced in yard and all for only $850 a month! It's a little retro (ok, a lot retro) but thats one of the things I love about it. It has character. I'm so excited to move in and get it all decorated. I've been having crazy awesome thrift store mojo the last couple of days. I've managed to find two awesome 70's lounge chairs, one in that funky green velvet fabric that everything from the 70s seems to come upholstered in, and another thats white leather. We still need a bunch of stuff for the house, a couch a TV (though neither of us wants cable), a dining room table...the list goes on. Ashley is bringing her piano, which makes me all sorts of happy. Maybe I'll actually be able to teach myself how to play now! I started to teach myself last quarter at the college using their pianos but I was only ever able to squeeze a couple of hours of practice in between classes so having one in my house will make it a lot easier. I'm a little sad to leave this house, I love my roommates and love my room here, but it's just not a realistic living situation for the winter (the attic gets reallyreally cold seeing as it's, well, an attic). It'll be nice to have my own space filled with my own things and to not constantly be around so many people--there are five of us living here, plus a friend whose crashing on our couch, plus whoever else is passing out here for the night (there are currently two such people snuggling on our sofa). We should be moving in by mid September, just in time for my 22nd birthday and school to start.

Life is so good right now. I'm in such a positive place and everything seems to just be falling into place. It's so nice, after how emotionally draining this last year was. I finally feel like I know where I'm going and that everything I'm doing right now is actually moving me towards that place. I'm so excited for what this year holds for me and where it's taking me. I have amazing friends, an awesome house, a great job, and just a generally upbeat attitude about everything right now. My life is just so beautiful right now!

I need to go put my face on now, get ready for work. Hope your finding your life looking as rosy as mine is. If you want you can borrow my glasses.

lovelove and happiness,


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